I am Solomon. I have devoted my life to serving the interests of people — young and old, infirm and fit, rich and poor, weak and strong.

From the time I studied paralegal law at Humber College, my zeal has been to reach out to people and help improve their lot in all facets of life. To this end I have poured my energy into pastoring at a local church; faith-based motivational public speaking in churches, conferences and at events; networking, and writing. I have been involved and invested in helping the homeless, and working with addicts and the hurting for about ten years through street preaching and food provision. My desire has been to know the needs of the people and to seek ways of meeting them, even to the youngest — I coach a kids’ soccer team in Ancaster.

I am visionary in outlook and performance-oriented. I have authored two books, including a devotional that has had a positive impact on people’s lives. In the process I have spoken to and encountered thousands face to face at book signings, door-to-door visits, and various events.

Currently, I am running for the office of Mayor of Hamilton because it is the position in which I hope to have the biggest positive impact on the lives of people in Hamilton.

My platform is based on the concepts of Faith, Freedom, and Future:

  • Faith to believe that we can move forward and bring solutions to many pressing issues;
  • Freedom to make our own choices concerning our lives within our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and under the law; and
  • Future for our children that will give them hope for security, jobs, ability to buy homes and raise families in safety once again.

I see myself as a voice that can speak to issues from a different perspective than the traditional liberal one. I care about the welfare of the people in Hamilton. I would like to see minorities and those who need a voice, truly represented. Among our young people, various ethnic groups, races and faith groups, our seniors, the homeless and people who hold a conservative perspective, many feel marginalized as the established political machinery forges ahead speaking tolerance, but rolling out agendas opposed to their words. As a Black person with a young family, and a proponent of biblical faith, I fit comfortably in some of the above categories and understand the need to be heard.

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” – Proverbs 29:18

“Spending time on the streets talking with people is one of my favourite things to do!”